The goal of ACE's General English for juniors Summer programme is to allow young learners the opportunity to gain skills and boost their confidence in English both in the classroom and in the full leisure programme of sports, cultural visits, and other fun activities. The junior summer programme is designed for young students looking to have a fun time while learning english in Malta.


5 reasons why ACE English Malta is the best choice for juniors and teens:

  • Safe and welcoming environment;
  • Fun, comprehensive lesson and leisure programme;
  • A focus on integrating English inside and outside the classroom;
  • Small numbers of students per classroom;
  • The opportunity to have a truly memorable experience with other learners.


  • Student's Age
  • Group English Lessons
  • Type of course
  • Average Students per Class
  • Levels Available
  • Activity programme
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
  • Starting date
  • Arrival and Departure transfers
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard

Junior Summer Programme

From 22th June to 11th August 2024
  • Student's Age 12 ~ 17 years
  • Group English Lessons 20 lessons per Week
  • Type of course Junior General English Course
  • Average Students per Class 15
  • Levels Available All
  • Activity programme Included
  • Accommodation Included
  • Full Board Included
  • Starting date Any Monday
  • Arrival and Departure transfers Included
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard Yes
Typical day on Junior Summer Programme
Wake up
Transfer (Private) to School
Breakfast at School
English Lessons
Break time
English Lessons
Hot lunch - Monday to Friday
Transfer (Private) to activity
Afternoon Activity
(1:30pm to 6pm)
Transfer (Private) to residence
Free/Relaxing Time
Transfer (Private) to activity
Evening Activity
(8pm to 10pm)
Transfer (Private) to residence
Sleeping Time

The daily courses in the Junior Programme are held in the school building or in a modern school building located close to the main school. The school center is located in a stylish and spacious, modern premises.

Within these premises, students will find themselves in air-conditioned, brightly lit and spacious classrooms, all fully-equipped with interactive whiteboard technology, as well as specially and professionally designed IWB lessons made by the ACE Academic staff exclusively for ACE students.

The Course

The standard course included in the ACE Junior Summer Programme is the General English 20 Course for Juniors. This course includes daily classes from Monday to Friday. The focus is primarily on spoken English; students will learn functional English to help them in real life situations. Special attention will be given to useful vocabulary for the activities / trips they will be participating in. Students take part in English conversations and discussions, not only with the teachers and leaders, but also with their peers. By combining classroom lessons with an immersive cultural experience by organizing different activities and excursions around the Maltese islands, the junior summer programme allows students to practise their English and boost their confidence in the language through real-life situations and adventures shared together.

Individual or Group Bookings

The ACE Summer Junior programme can also be organized for groups of classmates and their teachers, for individuals and also for young learners who are accompanied by their guardian or guardians, who would like to go on holiday together.  

Our young learners will take home some fantastic memories of their time in Malta and the bonding experience of helping each other to learn, as well as having built on their self-confidence and pride in their improved English language skills.

Are you looking for winter period?

Have a look at our courses special tailored for schools and groups.

Junior Package include

  • ACE Group 20 Course for Juniors
  • Full Board Junior Residence Accommodation (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Full Leisure Activity Programme
  • Airport Return Transfers
  • Group Leader Supervision at School and in Residence
  • Group Leader Supervision during Activities
  • Transport between Residence & School & Activities
  • Online Placement Test
  • Course Materials & Course Certificate
  • Student Discount Card
  • Free Mobile SIM Card
  • Free WiFi at School and in Residence
  • 24/7 Welfare Assistance

Junior Activities (Sample)

With most of the student's stay in Malta actually taking place outside of the classroom, we realize how important it is to structure that time outside of the lessons in order to make sure that students are always having fun and being encouraged and stimulated to use their English in a variety of cultural excursions, beach trips, sports, and entertainment. The Activity programme is always an extension of the language course; a diverse range of opportunities for students to discover, play and share adventures through English.
Meet New Friends with the ACE Team Comino Island - The Blue Lagoon
International Student Pool Party Valletta - The Capital City
The Ancient Capital City of Mdina (Including the Mdina Quiz) Games, Quizzes & Competitions!
The ACE Games & Sports Night Movies & Popocorn (Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy)
Swimming & Shopping in Sliema Vittoriosa Birgu Quiz Night!
Open-Air Disco Night (Dancing in the Moonlight!) Evening at Golden Bay (Swimming by Starlight!)
The ACE Bowling Tournament (Best the other bowlers!) Village Treasure Hunt!
Sandy Beach Trip Sun, Sea & Sand (One of Malta's Finest Beaches)

Junior Accommodation

Perfectly adapted to our young customers needs, our Hotel Junior Residences provide excellent, safe, comfy and secure accommodation where students can feel at home. Our activity leaders are on hand and alert 24/7, supervising the residence at all times, day and night. Facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, games room, TVs in the bedroom, snack and drinks vending machines, and more.

Transport to/from the Residence is provided. Accommodation in the Residence is in quadruple or triple rooms, and a buffet breakfast and dinner are also provided, as well as a daily hot lunch (Monday to Friday) which is given at the school.

  • 24/7 Reception & Free Wi-Fi
  • Large Conference Room
  • Laundry Service (Once a Week)
  • Buffet restaurant area & vending machine's for snacks and drinks
  • Indoor and Outdoor swimming pools
  • 8-Ball Pool Table
  • Games room
  • Table soccer

Placement test

One week before you arrive, we'll email you (or your agent will) a copy of our placement test, so keep an eye out for that. This test helps you and us to understand your English level and decide the best class for you, so as to ensure the optimal learning experience.

Classes are available for students of all different skills and experience levels, from Beginner to Advanced, with the lessons and course material of each class tailored carefully to fit the different levels as described in the CEFR guidelines:

  • Beginners = A1
  • Elementary = A1+
  • Pre-Intermediate = A2
  • Intermediate = B1
  • Upper-Intermediate = B2
  • Advanced = C1

For more information and detail about CEFR Guidelines please click on the following link: CEFR Levels.

FAQ - Frenquently Asked Questions

How long is one lesson?

Our lessons have 45 minutes of duration

Can a junior student study without a guardian?

In the Juniors' Summer Programme a guardian is not required with a student, as long as they are not a Closed Group travelling together.

Can I decide the time of my lessons?

The time of the lessons is decide by the school, but we are happy to discuss the needs of our students in order to accommodate their requests as much as possible.

How many students is a group made up of?

Junior Summer Programme can be book individually or as group. The group needs to be made of a minimum of 5 students.

How old are the students?

The Juniors' Summer Programme is for students aged between 12 and 17.

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