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Adult Courses (18+ years)

At ACE English Malta, we offer English courses for adults looking to achieve personal or professional language-learning goals. The teaching methodology is based on tried and tested, professional and dynamic pedagogical approaches, carried out in a modern, fun and welcoming environment. The teachers of our adult courses work closely with students and, thanks to the small number of students per classroom, are able to continually assess each student's progress. We take great care to make sure that our rigorous teaching methodology offers maximum personalised attention to each and every student.


Junior Programme (12~17 years)

ACE's English courses for juniors are designed to offer expert, modern English language learning opportunities to young students seeking to have fun while learning English in Malta. Our courses for juniors give young learners the opportunity to improve their language skills through engaging, hi-tech, interactive lessons especially designed by ACE English Malta, while also participating in a full leisure programme of sports, cultural visits and many other fun activities.


Family & Kids (3~12 years)

Our parents and children programme, or family programme, has been especially designed for parents who would like to study English while also having their children on a Kids English Programme at the same time and within the same school building. The course combines 20 lessons of English per week, which also include an optional afternoon and evening programme of leisure and cultural activities.


Business English

The goal of the Business courses is to combine general English skills with specific, business- and finance-related topics. Students acquire and practice new language skills in simulations of real-world business scenarios, including how to communicate professionally and effectively in meetings, negotiations, brainstorming sessions, on the phone, and when giving presentations or networking.


For Groups

Our General English closed groups offer learning opportunities for groups of students looking to improve their language skills, either in General English or in a specialised subject area. We combine classroom lessons with an immersive cultural experience by organising different activities and excursions around the Maltese islands, allowing students to practise their English and boost their confidence in the language through real-life situation and adventures shared together.


Teacher Training

ACE English Malta courses for English language teachers are setting a new standard for teacher training in Malta. This teacher training will develop and broaden your knowledge of pedagogical methodology and practice, with a particular focus on methods which prioritise learner participation and engagement. If you would like to become a highly-equipped and informed professional ESL teacher, our training course is the perfect choice.





Good value for money. The school is new with very good equipment, all classrooms are modern and have media boards, and WiFi is also very important. The education system includes extra conversation, grammar and conversation classes, which are free of charge. The explanation of the teachers is very understandable. The location of the school is convenient, because nearby there are many cafes and restaurants for lunch, shops and supermarkets. I am looking forward to coming back again!




At first I was a bit afraid because of the school. But soon after my arrival, I saw that my fear was for no reason. They picked me up exactly at the level I was at and helped me with passion to reach the level I wanted to be at. They help each other, laugh, spend time together and explore the island and its culture as well as the cultures of the other students from all over the world.




This English adventure in Malta has changed my life. My teachers at ACE helped me to improve my English and successfully complete one of my goals. The school is very modern, and the location is just perfect. I have made new friends from all over the world and they have become part of my family.


He Mian


I came to this school and I gain a lot, not only for learning English, but also for friends and happiness. I feel happy every day because of this. I like to communicate with classmates and teachers, they are very enthusiastic. I like to study here.




My experience as a student at ACE English Malta has been amazing because I met people from different countries. Even the school has a lot of activities that helped me to improve my English, such as free conversation classes, afternoon movies or social clubs. Also, the great life in Malta with the spectacular views and picturesque beaches make your adventure out of this world. 

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ACE English Malta is a breed of dynamic institution focused on offering specialized courses to meet the demands of students in the 21st Century. This boutique English school's premises offer a state-of-the-art finish throughout where attention to detail is the main focus.