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You won't believe the huge and diverse range of activities available here in the Maltese islands. Whether you prefer to explore the culture Malta has to offer and the fascinating pieces of history Malta hosts, or would rather enjoy the sun, sand and sports; the pure relaxation and immersion in the peace and quiet of nature, or wild parties and exciting nightlife; there is always a unique and memorable experience awaiting you. You can find and make new friends and connections and discover new sides of yourself by exploring the island and simultaneously exploring the English language, allowing you to connect with people in new ways and open your mind to new possibilities.

Sightseeing Tours

Malta Sightseeing Bus Tours are a great way to see and visit the most important and best-loved tourist points. Just buy a ticket and jump on and jump off at whatever attraction or location catches your eyes or takes your fancy. Enjoy the view and then just jump on the next bus, which will be along shortly. This super-convenient service is available in both Malta and Gozo.

Next Bike

Cycling is a feel-good activity for both your body and mind. Now imagine those good vibes, but set against the gorgeous backdrop of Malta's amazing views. With Next Bike, you can sight-see to your heart's content, cycling through and soaking up the beauty of places such as Valletta or the coast of Sliema.

Malta Public Transport


The public transport in Malta and Gozo uses a fleet of modern, air-conditioned buses. The public transport offers an efficient and affordable transport system on a wide route network across all of the Maltese islands, making it easy to get around. There are four airport express services, X1, X2, X3 and X4. These routes make it easier for tourists to get directly to and from the airport, whether travelling for business or pleasure. There is additional luggage space and room for more passengers on these routes, which are all served by air-conditioned, articulated (better known as bendy) buses.

Tallinja Card

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Do you want to get around and discover every corner of Malta? Buses are one of the best ways to go, but are even better value if you create your own Tallinja card. This cards gives you discounted prices with every travel option on Malta Public Transport. And for students like you, there is an even bigger offer waiting - check out the Malta Public Transport website to get your special student discount today.
The best and most comfortable way to visit the most beautiful places in the island is with our Leisure team



Bolt is a mobility company that offers Taxi's, Scooter rentals, and food delivery services to and from anywhere in Malta.

With a simple and easy to use phone application, travelling around the island can be as simple as a push of a button with Bolt.

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