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Receiving the highest possible rating from Eaquals is one of our proudest achievements as a school. The positive evaluation from Eaquals, who conduct a rigorous inspection of all aspects of teaching, methodology and administration every 4 years, is a mark of the high standards and attention to detail that define the ACE ethos.

Bildungs Urlaub

In principle, every employee in Germany who has been working for his company for at least 6 months has the right to attend courses or classes on various topics for up to 5 days out of their work year. These courses and classes have to be recognised as eligible for Bildungsurlaub by Federal States within Germany. For ACE courses to have received recognition as Bildungsurlaub-eligible is a mark of the academic and professional integrity and validity of the courses and lessons that we offer.

ELT Council

The mission of the ELT Council is to foster development in the ELT profession and sector. Malta boasts an ELT sector and level of professionalism in ELT which is quite uniquely well-structured and carefully monitored, being practically the only language-learning destination in the world with legislation that ensures that every licensed school maintains a national quality standard. All this has resulted in rapid growth for the sector.

On an island where language schools are a major industry, the ELT Council inspections and evaluations are crucial to maintaining the reputation of the island in the field of education, and official licensing by the Council is indicative of ACE's competitive standards.

Trinity College London

Accreditation is evidence of the objective reliability and consistency of ACE course learning outcomes in terms of meeting international standards of English language skills.


Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, gain experience and train abroad. Being included in the Erasmus+ programme places ACE amongst some of the trusted and renowned institutions that are part of the Erasmus mission of integration, cooperation and exchange.

European Language Label

 The European Language Label (ELL) is an award encouraging new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, the rewarding of new techniques in language teaching, and the spreading the knowledge of languages' existence, thereby promoting good practice. At ACE, we pride ourselves on our in-house training in technology and methodology, our commitment to utilizing the newest technologies in language learning, and our generally modern and forward-thinking approach to teaching; the ELL award reflects our commitment to these values.

European Profiling Grid

The European Profiling Grid is a tool for mapping and assessing language teacher competencies internationally. It contains sets of descriptors organised over six stages of professional experienceas a language teacher (Novice to Very Experienced) and summarises the main competencies of language teachers and the background in training and experience that is expected at each stage. 

Holding our teachers to these standards is what secures the consistency, rigour and quality of our teaching and the reliability of our services, and is a crucial factor for maintaining our reputation.

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