About Host Families

For those who want an experience slightly different to our apartments, we also find host families in Malta who are eager to share their home with language-learners.

Staying with one of our carefully-selected host families allows you to practise English on a daily-basis and in the context of family life, as well as learn more about local culture and traditions through interaction with family members, giving you an insider-view and deeper knowledge of the Maltese islands than is available through other accommodation options. The host family option is a fulfilling and interesting experience that can form the basis of lifelong friendships and connections. An experience not to be missed!

A student’s stay with a host family is a very important part of their experience in Malta. At ACE English Malta we only use the best host families to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We have a dedicated member of staff who looks after our students and places them with a warm and welcoming family. Host family accommodation options can vary according to your requirements, but the crucial advantages and benefits of this type of accommodation include:

  • Opportunity to learn about life in Malta
  • Opportunities to practice English outside the classroom
  • Single or shared room
  • Half-board or full-board basis
  • Complete immersion in Maltese life

Our host families' homes are usually situated within walking distance of the school and if not, we will do our best to place students on a direct bus route to the school. Our host families are all licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority and are regularly inspected to ensure that standards are maintained and our students are provided with the quality expected. We always aim to select families who are genuinely concerned about the students’ well-being and interested in learning more about different cultures, so that you feel welcome, comfortable and ready to make some memories.

Special Diets

We provide special dietary foods for those who require such personal care. These would include:

  • Lactose free
  • Special Allergies
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

* These diets require a supplement to pay of €35.00 per person per week.

FAQ - Frenquently Asked Questions

Do they talk with the students?

Yes, of course. Your host family offers another opportunity to improve your English skills.

Can I cook there?

Some of the families allow students to cook there. However, this must be agreed directly between you and your host family.

Do they provide Wi-Fi?

The majority of the host families provide free Wi-Fi, but a few families charge the students a small fee.

What are the house rules?

You can check the house rules by clicking Here

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