The goal of the ACE Business group course is to combine general English skills (like those taught in the General Group 20 and Group 30 courses) with specific, business- and finance-related topics, vocabulary, and lexical items and structures, along with the option of preparing for the Cambridge ICFE and BEC examinations.


  • Group English Lessons
  • Max Students per Class
  • Min Students per Class
  • Levels Available
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard

ACE Business 20

Business Course
  • Group English Lessons 20 lessons per week
  • Max Students per Class 8
  • Min Students per Class 4*
  • Levels Available A2 or higher
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard Yes

ACE Business 30

Business Course
  • Group English Lessons 30 lessons per week
  • Max Students per Class 8
  • Min Students per Class 4*
  • Levels Available A2 or higher
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard Yes

ACE Business 40

Business Course
  • Group English Lessons 40 lessons per week
  • Max Students per Class 8
  • Min Students per Class 4*
  • Levels Available A2 or higher
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard Yes

* If less than four students are participating at a particular level then the amount of lessons will be reduced. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

Who are the courses for?

Students acquire and practice new language skills in simulations of real-world business scenarios, including how to communicate professionally and effectively in meetings, negotiations, brainstorming sessions, on the phone, and when giving presentations or networking and also chit-chatting in social business situations.

The following are just some of the areas in which you can develop your skills with the Business English Course:

1. Language: Reading & comprehension, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation;
2. Business and finance terminology, report writing and presentation skills;
3. Business and marketing terminology, advertising and sales-pitch presentation skills;
4. Optional preparation for Cambridge ICFE and BEC exams.

More details

The difference between each option is how many lessons you will take: ACE Business 20 provides 20 business lessons (3 hours daily), while ACE Business 30 includes 30 lessons (4,5 hours) and ACE Business 40 has 40 lessons(6 hours).

Whether focusing on crucial professional workplace communication skills and know-how, general skills of listening, reading, fluency and writing, or particular aspects of grammar and pronunciation, everything on this course is taught through and directed toward the context of the students' particular business environment and area. This keen focus is what makes this business course for adults, aspiring professionals, and those preparing to embark on their business careers, the ideal choice when it comes to business English in Malta.

Our prices include

  • Course as booked
  • Course Materials
  • Online Placement Test
  • Welcome Pack
  • Student Card
  • Student Map
  • Mobile Phone SIM Card
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • School Internet Café
  • Weekly Student Welcome Parties
  • Monthly Individual Academic Assessment
  • Monthly Progress Test
  • Course Certificate
  • Welfare Assistance

English Level

When booking your Business Course, we will email you (or your agent will email you) a copy of our placement test to help you and us to understand your level and ensure that this course is suitable for you. 

To be accepted on a Business English course, students must have a level of English between Pre-intermediate A2 and Advanced C1 as outlined by the CEFR guidelines.

Accepted levels include:

  • Pre-intermediate A2
  • Intermediate = B1
  • Upper-Intermediate = B2
  • Advanced = C1

For more information and detail about CEFR Guidelines please click on the following link: Levels of English

FAQ - Frenquently Asked Questions

How long is one lesson?

All our lessons are 45-minute lessons.

Which level do I need to apply for this course?

The minimum English level required for theses courses is A2.

How many students are there in the classroom?

Our Group Business English courses are tailored to accommodate maximum 8 people.

Can I decide the time of my lessons?

The time of the lessons is decide by the school, but we are happy to discuss the needs of our students in order to accommodate their requests as much as possible.

Do you need accommodation?

Have a look at our accommodation options

Interested in learning English with us?

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