Accredited by EAQUALS

Posted on 28.07.2015 by Keith Zammit

"It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Eaquals has endorsed the recommendation to confirm ACE English Malta as an accredited member of Eaquals." (James Douglas - Director of Accreditation and Consultancy)

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May 2013...May 2014....May 2015....and counting....

Posted on 08.05.2015 by Keith Zammit

Two years ago, we found ourselves heading down a new path, starting a new business to carry on the work we had been doing for over 20 years. On this second anniversary, a few thoughts and questions we ask ourselves on how things have evolved along the way, how did we get here ?

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Teaching at ACE English Malta

Posted on 23.02.2015 by Keith Zammit

Student feedback is always great......staff feedback is considered to be awesome.

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¡Hola! ...from a Spanish teaching point of view.

Posted on 04.02.2015 by Keith Zammit

I have been teaching English at ACE English Malta for the past six months and I must honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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2014.......Thank You.

Posted on 30.12.2014 by Keith Zammit

Greetings are always about the New Year. The usual exchange of greetings heard all around : Best Of Luck....Best Wishes.....Hope it's a good year.... Have a Prosperous New Year and more. And what about the year just ended ? Lest we forget. Thank you 2014.

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We wish to be US.

Posted on 20.10.2014 by Keith Zammit

How fast can life become? How much can we do in the physical amount of time we have ? There are only 24 hours in the day, but we're trying to fit 26 hours into it. If we could watch a film of our average day we would probably be amazed at all the things we try to do.

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Time Is Just Flying By

Posted on 23.09.2014 by Keith Zammit

How many times do we say this to ourselves and to one another ? It does not take much to realize that time is passing by in a faster way than we actually recognize it.

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"Language is a powerful gift that I have taken the time to appreciate."

Posted on 22.07.2014 by Keith Zammit

A teacher's concise insight into the importance of communicating in English.

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A teaching experience at ACE English malta

Posted on 24.06.2014 by Keith Zammit

Rebecca has been teaching English at ACE English Malta almost from day one. She has such a vibrant character and adds that flair to the teaching environment at the school.

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A word from our Brazilian student in Malta

Posted on 17.06.2014 by Keith Zammit

Hi, I’m Reynalds, I’m Brazilian, and I have been living in Malta for 2 months. The main reasons I chose to come to Malta were the weather and the low cost of living, but once I got here I realized Malta has much more to offer.

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