ACE English Malta is a new breed of a dynamic institution focused on offering specialized courses to meet the demands of students in the 21st Century. At ACE English Malta our methodology is based on tried and tested, professional, and dynamic teaching carried out in a modern, relaxed and professional atmosphere. Courses at ACE English Malta are offered at six levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The wide variety of courses available ensures that anybody who decides to learn English at ACE English Malta, will find a course which suites their requirements. Courses are delivered by highly-trained, professional teachers who are always willing to help students achieve their language learning goals. Our teachers work closely with their students and are able to continually assess each student’s progress; while our unique custom made interactive lessons ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved in the least time possible in a stimulating, relaxing and fun environment. At ACE English Malta our main objective is that our students progress with a sound language base and maintain life-long confidence in their English.