The Eaquals Guarantee for Language Centre

An Eaquals-accredited Language Centre undergoes regular inspections to ensure that:

  • It meets a high standard of professional conduct and integrity in all aspects of its operations
  • It offers high quality opportunities for language learning and/or teacher training, within a clearly organised curriculum framework, and fully transparent and effective assessment systems
  • All facilities, resources and materials for language learning and/or teacher training, including any e-learning platforms, meet students’ needs and the purpose of the course
  • All promotional materials used are factual, complete and can be easily understood; they give a full and transparent account of all courses offered including all matters connected with admission, enrolment and assessment systems and costs involved
  • It provides a work and study environment in which there is no discrimination of any kind against students, staff or other stakeholders on grounds of gender, age, sexual orientation, race or religion; the organisation attempts to make provision for persons with special needs of any kind
  • It provides a high level of support and advice to students in all matters relevant to their course; this includes an opportunity to give regular feedback and information on procedures for dealing with problems
  • All those employed in the operations of the Language Centre are competent and appropriately trained and supervised
  • All teachers or trainers employed by the Language Centre are qualified and experienced in teaching the languages offered; they are supervised by a fully-qualified academic manager
  • Regular support and appropriate and effective Continuing Professional Development training is offered to all administrative, teaching and training staff
  • All staff employed by the Language Centre have a written contract or letter of agreement specifying the terms of their employment. Terms and conditions of employment are fair and reasonable; they comply with, or exceed, all relevant local or national regulations and standards.

To download the official Eaquals document please click HERE

Eaquals Guarantee to Students

Eaquals-accredited institutions meet the highest standards in language education.

Eaquals inspects your school regularly to make sure that:

  • You will experience an outstanding quality of service in language education
  • The teaching you receive is effective, well-planned and enjoyable
  • Your teachers are well-qualified and use many different ways to help you learn
  • Courses follow a clear, structured course programme and you are helped to see what progress you are making
  • The management and staff of your school always behave professionally and honestly
  • All the information about the school published in brochures or on the internet, is clear, accurate and complete
  • Your school has confirmed that it meets all necessary legal requirements
  • Your school is committed to offering you value for money, fair dealing, health and safety, and tolerance and respect for all
  • Eaquals is committed to excellence, so if you are unhappy with your course, and are not satisfied with the response of your school, Eaquals provides an independent way for you to complain through the Eaquals Ombudsman

To download the official Eaquals document please click HERE


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