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Our Methodology

At ACE, we offer you the opportunity to achieve your personal and professional language-learning goals. If you want to learn, we want to teach! We are passionate about the effectiveness of the ACE English Malta teaching methodology, which is based on a combination of tried and tested, as well as innovative and dynamic, pedagogical approaches, carried out in a modern, fun and welcoming environment. When you begin to see the results in your growing English skills, you'll see what we mean!

The teachers of our courses work closely with students and, thanks to the small number of students per classroom, are able to continually assess students' progress and offer personalised attention to each student. When it comes to teaching, we hold ourselves to a high standard, and we expect the same of our students! From the very first lesson, English is the only language spoken in our lively, interactive sessions, where enthusiasm and positivity is paired with a commitment to a rigorous and precise teaching methodology which encourages hard work and dedication from all students in tackling the challenges of learning English.

With ACE, the aim is always to give you life-long confidence in your English language skills.

Educational Philosophy at ACE English Malta

The educational philosophy at ACE English Malta revolves around providing effective language learning opportunities to non-native English speakers. We offer students the chance to achieve their personal and professional language-learning goals in a multi-modal learning environment with the support of educational technology and custom-made resources.

The ACE English Malta teaching methodology is based on a combination of innovative pedagogical approaches, carried out in a modern, fun, and interactive dynamic. We strive to create a learner-centred environment that promotes active communication and meaningful learning experiences whilst encouraging self-discovery and learner autonomy. Continual growth in language proficiency and global competence is at the forefront of our ambitions.

We hope to shape the linguistic skills and dreams of language learners for years to come.

Academic Staff

We believe that our teachers are our greatest asset and are the main reason for the success which our students manage to achieve by the end of their course. The ACE English Malta academic staff are passionate about teaching and helping students to develop their English skills. Once you get to know this teaching team, you'll find out that you can love learning as much as they love teaching!

The teachers bring their energy and passion to every lesson, and they are ready to share that drive and energy with anyone who wants to learn. Our Academic Managers also recognize that there is no single method of teaching that suits all situations and each individual student's needs. That's why the ACE academic staff are eager to practice an eclectic variety of teaching methods, combining more traditional and novel methodologies in order to meet the needs of all the students.

Some of our Teachers

Our team of teaching staff is made up of several teachers from around the world. Here you can find out more about our incredible teachers.


Interactive Lessons

At ACE English Malta, we are committed to a vision of the future of learning. We believe in staying up-to-date with the rapidly advancing technologies that can create better interactive English lessons, without ever losing sight of the primary importance of face-to-face contact and the physical energy and dynamism of a real-world classroom. That's why every room is equipped with state-of-the-art Interactive Whiteboards for which we produce our own original, customised ACE English IWB lessons.

With our carefully laid-out, vividly designed, and fully interactive lessons, there's always something to capture your imagination and get you fired up to push your language skills further than ever before.

Do you want to upgrade your professional teaching skillset?

We offer courses for teachers who want to improve their teaching through training in the ACE methodology.

Adult Courses

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Junior Programme

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Family & Kids

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Good value for money. The school is new with very good equipment, all classrooms are modern and have media boards, and WiFi is also very important. The education system includes extra conversation, grammar and conversation classes, which are free of charge. The explanation of the teachers is very understandable. The location of the school is convenient, because nearby there are many cafes and restaurants for lunch, shops and supermarkets. I am looking forward to coming back again!




At first I was a bit afraid because of the school. But soon after my arrival, I saw that my fear was for no reason. They picked me up exactly at the level I was at and helped me with passion to reach the level I wanted to be at. They help each other, laugh, spend time together and explore the island and its culture as well as the cultures of the other students from all over the world.




This English adventure in Malta has changed my life. My teachers at ACE helped me to improve my English and successfully complete one of my goals. The school is very modern, and the location is just perfect. I have made new friends from all over the world and they have become part of my family.


He Mian


I came to this school and I gain a lot, not only for learning English, but also for friends and happiness. I feel happy every day because of this. I like to communicate with classmates and teachers, they are very enthusiastic. I like to study here.




My experience as a student at ACE English Malta has been amazing because I met people from different countries. Even the school has a lot of activities that helped me to improve my English, such as free conversation classes, afternoon movies or social clubs. Also, the great life in Malta with the spectacular views and picturesque beaches make your adventure out of this world. 

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