Academic Staff

We believe that our teachers are our greatest asset and are the main reason for the success which our students manage to achieve by the end of their course.  Teachers at ACE English Malta are passionate about teaching and  helping the students develop their English language skills. We use a variety of effective teaching techniques to help students learn in the most efficient way possible.
Our Academic Managers are very aware that the exclusive use of a particular teaching method does not suit all English teaching situations and that no single method can deal with everything that concerns the content of the target language. This is why teachers at ACE English Malta are committed to practicing eclectic teaching methods that are a combination of various methodologies. They combine the new with the old so as to adapt to a variety of teaching structures that students from different cultures are used to.
Since instruction is deeply ingrained in the philosophy and culture of the students’ homeland, learning styles and habits in language acquisition are considered by our teachers and this helps learners acquire linguistic competence more easily.
Teachers at ACE English Malta relate teaching grammar and pattern drills to meaning and use and so teach English for a communicative purpose. By making the language situations and materials as realistic as possible, teachers encourage students to ultimately use the rules in real-life communication and to manipulate structures as spontaneously and flexibly as possible.