The teen programme is one of ACE English Malta’s signature packages, providing teenage students the opportunity to experience a new world within a safe and supervised environment. With this specialized programme, students will enhance their language learning ability while immersing themselves in foreign cultures when meeting other fellow teens from around the world.

Most of the students’ stay in Malta is spent outside the classroom. We therefore place equal emphasis on this part of the course to provide a stimulating, fun and memorable study holiday. The Activity Programme is designed to be an extension of the language course and combines a total mixture of excursions, sports and entertainment.

Culture, sports, leisure and fun fill our varied activity programmes that fit the interests of our participants and are all included in the price of the language course. For those who want more of it, optional packages are available to add another dimension to the stay in Malta. Once lessons are over for the day, our younger students will enjoy a number of daily afternoon and evening activities and excursions. At the weekends they will also enjoy full-day excursions to places of interest or to the seaside.