ACE English Malta


Triq Santu Wistin, Bay Street Complex, 4º Andar
St. George's Bay - St Julian's - Malta
STJ 3311


+356 2713 5135


Horário de funcionamento

Segunda - Sexta: 8:30 - 17:30
Sábado - Domingo: Fechado


Nossa escola fecha as portas apenas nos feriados nacionais. Porém, quando isso acontece, tentamos ao máximo repor as horas perdidas nessas semanas.

Em 2019

  • 1 Janeiro 2019 - Ano Novo
  • 19 Março 2019 - Festa de São José
  • 19 Abril 2019 - Sexta-feira Santa
  • 1 Maio 2019 - Dia do Trabalho
  • 7 Junho 2019 - Sette Giugno
  • 15 Agosto 2019 - Festa de Santa Maria
  • 13 Dezembro 2019 - Dia da República
  • 24 Dezembro 2019 - Véspera de Natal
  • 25 Dezembro 2019 - Natal

Em 2020

  • 1 Janeiro 2020 - Ano Novo
  • 10 Fevereiro 2020 - Festa do Naufrágio de São Paulo
  • 19 Março 2020 - Festa de São José
  • 31 Março 2020 - Freedom Day
  • 10 Abril 2020 - Sexta-feira Santa
  • 1 Maio 2020 - Dia do Trabalho
  • 8 Setembro 2020 - Victory Day
  • 21 Setembro 2020 - Independence Day
  • 8 Dezembro 2020 - Festa da Imaculada Conceição
  • 24 Dezembro 2020 - Véspera de Natal
  • 25 Dezembro 2020 - Natal

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Good value for the price and quality. The school is new with very good equipment, all classes are modern and have media boards, and WiFi it’s also very important. The system of education is including the speaking, grammar and extra conversation classes which are free. Teachers' explanation is very understandable. The location of the school is comfortable, because near is a lot of cafes and restaurants for lunch, shops and supermarkets. I’m looking forward to come back again!




At the beginning I was a little bit afraid about the school. But shortly after I arrived I saw that my fear was without any reason. They picked me up exactly on the level I was and helped me with passion to reach the level I wanted to be. You help each other, you laugh together, you spend time together and explore the island and its culture as well as the cultures from the other students all over the world.




This English language adventure in Malta has changed my life. My teachers at ACE helped me to improve my English and successfully complete one of my goals. The school is really modern, and the location is just perfect. I have made new friends from all around the world and they have become part of my family.



He Mian


Came to this school and I gain a lot. It’s not only to learn English, but also for friends and happiness. I feel happy every day for this. I like to communicate with classmates and teachers, they are very enthusiastic. I enjoy study in here.




My experience as a student at ACE English Malta has been amazing because I met people from different countries. Even the school has a wealth of activities that helped me to improve my english, like free conversation class, afternoon movies or social clubs. Also the great life in Malta with the spectacular views and picturesque beaches make your adventure out of this world.