European Language Label

About the European Language Label

The European Language Label (ELL) is an award encouraging new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, the rewarding of new techniques in language teaching, and spreading the knowledge of languages' existence, thereby promoting good practice. Every year, the ELL is awarded annually or biannually to the most innovative language learning project in each country participating in the scheme. By supporting these projects, at a local and national level, the ELL seeks to raise the standards of language teaching cross Europe.


The general criteria for ACE English Malta winning this award are that the initiative:

  • Is comprehensive in its approach, with every element ensuring that the needs of the students are identified and met
  • Provides added value in its national context, which means a clear improvement in the teaching or learning of languages in terms of quality and quantity
  • Motivates the students and teachers to improve their language skills
  • Is original and creative as it introduces previously unknown approaches to language learning
  • Has a European emphasis and actively improves understanding between cultures by promoting language skills
  • Is transferable as it could potentially be a source of inspiration for other language initiatives in other countries