Sun & Fun

Summertime in Malta is synonymous with outdoor living. There is no shortage of beaches to choose from: some fully-developed resorts offering all the requisite facilities, others more secluded, quieter and more pristine. If going to the seaside seems like too much of a challenge, then one can always opt to spend the day by the hotel pool.

There is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the Maltese coastline than from the vantage point of a boat. Valletta and the Three Cities, with their formidable fortifications, the rugged cliffs and secluded bays around Malta, Gozo and Comino… they all look very different from the deck of a boat. Harbour Cruises or cruising round the Maltese islands are the best option to experience Malta from a different angle. One can also choose to charter a yacht or a boat and spend some time out on the blue Mediterranean Sea. The team at ACE English Malta are always more than willing to help students organise a fun day out!