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The ACE General English courses for Juniors include expert English language training. These English courses for juniors and courses for teens come as a comprehensive package all perfectly designed for young students looking to have a fun time while learning English in Malta.


  • Student's Age
  • Group English Lessons
  • Conversation Lessons
  • Type of course
  • Max Students per Class
  • Min Students per Class
  • Levels Available
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard

ACE Juniors Group 20

General Course
  • Student's Age 12 ~ 17 years
  • Group English Lessons 20 lessons per Week
  • Conversation Lessons -
  • Type of course Junior General English
  • Max Students per Class 15
  • Min Students per Class 4*
  • Levels Available All
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard Yes

Juniors Personalised 10

Intensive Course
  • Student's Age 12 ~ 17 years
  • Group English Lessons -
  • Conversation Lessons 10 lessons per Week
  • Type of course Junior General English
  • Max Students per Class 1
  • Min Students per Class -
  • Levels Available All
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard Yes

Juniors Personalised 20

Intensive Course
  • Student's Age 12 ~ 17 years
  • Group English Lessons -
  • Conversation Lessons 20 lessons per Week
  • Type of course Junior General English
  • Max Students per Class 1
  • Min Students per Class -
  • Levels Available All
  • Lessons on Interactive Whiteboard Yes

* If less than five students are participating in the course, then the amount of lessons will be reduced. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

Who are the courses for?

Specially designed lessons for younger learners with an experienced teacher who knows exactly how to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that encourages learning, play, interaction and teamwork through English. Our junior-friendly lessons are carefully designed to be level-, age- and learning-style- appropriate. Interaction through video clips, music, and games make lessons less formal and makes it easier for juniors and teens to develop skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking in English while being absorbed in engaging and enjoyable activities.

ACE English Malta offers the opportunity for children between the ages of 3 to 17 to take one-to-one lessons. This gives them the chance to work with their private teacher on a specific area that is needed, whether it is exam preparation, fluency, writing or simply improving their confidence in speaking English.


Kids' courses ages 3 to 11?

Have a look at our specialized courses for young kids.

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Ministay School Group?

Have a look at our courses specially tailored for schools and closed groups.

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Lessons Timetable

ACE Juniors 20 is the best-known and most popular course here at ACE. Take a look at the info below to see the timetable for lessons as well as all the amazing features and facilities available to you once you've joined ACE.

  • 8:00 to 9:30
  • Break
  • 9:45 to 11:15

Early Afternoon
  • 11:45 to 13:15
  • Break
  • 13:30 to 15:00

Late Afternoon
  • 15:30 to 17:00
  • Break
  • 17:30 to 18:45

Our prices include

  • Course as booked
  • Course Materials
  • Online Placement Test
  • Welcome Pack
  • Student Card
  • Student Map
  • Mobile Phone SIM Card
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • School Internet Café
  • Weekly Student Welcome Parties
  • Monthly Individual Academic Assessment
  • Monthly Progress Test
  • Course Certificate
  • Europass Mobility Certificate
  • Welfare Assistance

Placement test

One week before you arrive, we'll email you (or your agent will) a copy of our placement test, so keep an eye out for that. This test helps you and us to understand your English level and decide the best class for you, so as to ensure the optimal learning experience.

Classes are available for students of all different skills and experience levels, from Beginner to Advanced, with the lessons and course material of each class tailored carefully to fit the different levels as described in the CEFR guidelines:

  • Pre-Intermediate = A2
  • Intermediate = B1
  • Upper-Intermediate = B2
  • Advanced = C1

For more information and detail about CEFR Guidelines please click on the following link: CEFR Levels.

FAQ - Frenquently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper during winter?

Courses attended in spring/autumn/winter are cheaper because they don't have the high season supplement fee which is charged in summer. 

Can a junior student study without a guardian?

In the Junior courses a guardian is not required to be present while the student is in class. If they are travelling as a Closed Group, an external group leader is required.

How old are the students?

These Juniors' Options are for students aged between 12 and 17. If you are looking for Kids 3 to 11 years old courses, please click on the following link: Kids Courses.

Can I decide the time of my lessons?

The time of the lessons is decide by the school, but we are happy to discuss the needs of our students in order to accommodate their requests as much as possible.





Good value for money. The school is new with very good equipment, all classrooms are modern and have media boards, and WiFi is also very important. The education system includes extra conversation, grammar and conversation classes, which are free of charge. The explanation of the teachers is very understandable. The location of the school is convenient, because nearby there are many cafes and restaurants for lunch, shops and supermarkets. I am looking forward to coming back again!




At first I was a bit afraid because of the school. But soon after my arrival, I saw that my fear was for no reason. They picked me up exactly at the level I was at and helped me with passion to reach the level I wanted to be at. They help each other, laugh, spend time together and explore the island and its culture as well as the cultures of the other students from all over the world.




This English adventure in Malta has changed my life. My teachers at ACE helped me to improve my English and successfully complete one of my goals. The school is very modern, and the location is just perfect. I have made new friends from all over the world and they have become part of my family.


He Mian


I came to this school and I gain a lot, not only for learning English, but also for friends and happiness. I feel happy every day because of this. I like to communicate with classmates and teachers, they are very enthusiastic. I like to study here.




My experience as a student at ACE English Malta has been amazing because I met people from different countries. Even the school has a lot of activities that helped me to improve my English, such as free conversation classes, afternoon movies or social clubs. Also, the great life in Malta with the spectacular views and picturesque beaches make your adventure out of this world. 

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