ACE Plus Medical

This course is for doctors, medical students and other medical professionals who need to use English in their work. It offers a complete learning experience to health professionals wishing to study medical English in order to develop their careers. The courses cover medical terminology, practice in specialist vocabulary and a review of basic grammatical structures. Students also learn how to communicate with patients and colleagues, how to speak at seminars and medical meetings and how to read and write medical papers. This programme includes material drawn from a range of specialist resource books, as well as up-to-date authentic materials. Nurses - Our English for nursing course is designed to improve communication skills and equip nurses, carers and administrators with specialist English language knowledge of the healthcare environment to enable them to work more confidently in their job. The course concentrates on all aspects of the language with extra focus on speaking and listening. The course is designed to give students experience in day-to-day nursing activities such as patient registration, patient handover, post-operation assessment. ACE English also provides the facility for the needs of qualified nurses who are required to obtain 7.0 in an IELTS exam in all four areas tested (reading, writing, listening, speaking).