ACE Plus Aviation

Our Aviation English courses are designed to meet the ICAO requirements and are available all year-round. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) required all Aviation Personnel (pilots, air traffic controllers and all others who may be required to use radio telephony (R/T) on international routes to be at Level 4 (Operational) or above by March 2011. This must be confirmed by successful completion of an assessment which complies with ICAO test criteria and competency standards. This course is a must for students who are concerned with meeting the ICAO language proficiency requirements. Those who were assessed at Level 4 must be reassessed every three years. Failing to pass Level 4 will result in prohibition to operate on international routes. ICAO grades English Language Performance by a scale of 6 levels:
Level 1: Pre Elementary / Level 2: Elementary / Level 3: Pre –Operational / Level 4: Operational / Level 5: Extended / Level 6: Expert
An outside visit to the Aviation Museum may be organised (optional, at a charge).